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Glenn Campbell B.A. (UNP) N.DipP (TN)
Artist. Fire wrangler. Semi-hero.
Disguised in real life as a Designer of Graphics, mostly.

+27 74 186 6502 (mobile) • +27 21 555 4715 (office)



Autobots posing as Glenn Campbell

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The Southern Hemisphere has a great view of the Milky Way
but the moon's upside down.



Outside the film industry (see film)

Barrows Point-of-Sale
Hirt & Carter / Fastprint
LAJA Strategic Marketing:
. Campaign Concepts D+AD
. Brand-It CPI
. Perland Publishing

3-30 Point Road
Admiral Yachts International
Admiral Group / Holdings
African Expedition & Support
All Office
Alloro Africa
Another Level
Autopilot (UK)
Ballet Box Franchise
Bitter Creek
Bluebuoy Cr8tiv
Brand-It Corporate Gifts
Briese Studio
Bux Signs
Camera Ready Cars
Canopy Man
Cape Office Furniture
Crazy Combis
Dione Lifestyle

Donna Rose Designs
Dr B D Faure
Dr Johann Ackerman Inc.
Dr John Bronner
Dr Michelle Maartens
Fegro Enterprises
Fit Frame (Brazil)
First Technology
Ford (SA)
Functional Flair
Ghetto Sound
Grange, The
Greenstone Media
Hospitality Hub
Hotel Interiors
Incentro Trading
Incey Wincey
Inside Group
Inside Living Franchise
Jason Smith AD
Joe Recrosio Productions
Joni Foster AD
Kenpo Karate
Kids Emporium Franchise
Kramp Ashurst (UK)
L&L Shopfitters
LDS Marketing
Leisure Leather
Maddy Magoo
Marble Gallery
Marine Finance
Media Alliance
Medical Research Institute
Motion City
Music At Work
Nat-Tree Accomodation
One Stop CD
Oteniqua Trading
Pemior Shopfitters
Peninsula Scales
Planet Media (Germany)
Quorus Biotech
Rift, The
Riskwise Legal
Rovos Rail
S.A. Fam Pract Journal
Samsung Air
Sapphire Logistics
Sewing Room, The
Sibon Coffee
Solo Art Gallery/Creations
U.C.T. Lung Institute
Varialite Shutters
Vetta Communication
Way Out Sound
Yuki Baby Kimono

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Allied Arts Certificate, Honours, 1981
Certificate of Merit, 1979
Allied Arts Certificate, Honours, 1981
Allied Arts Eisteddfod, Hons, 1981
Allied Arts Certificate, 1st Grade, 1982
Allied Arts Eisteddfod, 1st, 1982
merchiston com
Allied Arts Eisteddfod, 1979-82

merchiston com
Certificate of Merit, 1982

Senior Certificate. 1987
Taalbond, 1986
Senior Certificate. 1987
Senior Certificate, 1987
art prize
Certificate of Merit, 1987
South African Air Force, 1990
South African Air Force, 1990
hirt and certer
DTP Short Course, 1992
Cetificate of Merit, Natal Technikon, Physics & Chemistry I, 1992
Certificate of Merit, Phys/Chem I, 1992
Cetificate of Merit, Natal Technikon, Theory of Photography II, 1993
Certificate of Merit, Theory I, 1992
Cetificate of Merit, Natal Technikon, Theory of Photography I, 1992
Certificate of Merit, Theory II, 1993
Cetificate of Merit, Natal Technikon, Visual Communication III, 1994
C.O.M., Visual Communication III, 1994
Technikon Natal Diploma (7 distinctions), 1994
Diploma, 7 distinctions, 1994
7 habits
7 Habits Marketing Course, 1998
7 habits
Publishing Appointment, 1998
social media
Social Media Marketing, 2011


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