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Large format, fresco and graffiti, however, are pastimes evolved over the last decade or so.
Works are very low cost; some are sponsored as I sponsor in turn.

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large format fresco
What i looked like in 2011


classical murals
Drawing on walls in 2010


how it starts, apparently



• 2007 -2010 •

astrid fresco detail

graffiti tattoo designs

fresco in progress

whaaam! by lichenstein fresco

creation of adam fresco

madonna carried by angels fresco

clasical oil on canvas


• 2012 - 2018 •

emo angel stencil street art

emo angel street art on wall

art is love digital banner


chaos graffiti

psycandy 3D digital graffiti art

dolce graffiti

mystic elephant fresco

crouching angel fresco

street art

street art

graffiti and street art interior wall

crouching angel multicolor large tinted pva on plaster

graffiti commisioned by jamesons whisky



peter griffin psy graffiti

psy public graffiti ,ilnerton lagoon beach multicolor

My work is characterised by the inclusion of time and the coincidence of urban objects. typically, between 8 and 25 colours are employed and may span dozens of passes over several months. Most should seem impossible to paint undetected. Works seen from the road should animate in passing; work seen from path should have an unfolding message that relates to the viewer. Only stencil art is in a single colour and can only be found in the most inaccessible places. No work is tagged. My materials are mostly sponsored and I, in turn, pass that sponsorship on to a few young artists so they may formulate their own expression.


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